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Ivy League Schools

What Are Ivy League Schools And How To Improve Your Admission Odds

Getting the coveted acceptance letter from one of the Ivy League Schools is a dream for many across the globe. Ivy League Schools are the most sought-after institutions as they have been around for hundreds of years and are home to some of the most exceptional minds.

Read on to learn more about the Ivy League Schools and unearth the key strategies to improve your admission odds. Strap-up!

What are the Ivy League Colleges?

The term ‘Ivy League’ is used for the eight finest and most illustrious universities based in the United States. The following is the list of these prestigious colleges.

  1. Brown University
  2. Columbia University
  3. Cornell University
  4. Dartmouth College
  5. Harvard University
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. Princeton University
  8. Yale University

Why should you aim for them?

Many of you might be wondering if Ivies are worth your time, energy, and efforts. So, here’s a rundown on a few key points on why it is worth dreaming of an Ivy League school.

  • Ivy League Colleges have been synonymous with prestige and academic excellence for a very long time.
  • Each of these colleges offers unique academic and extracurricular opportunities and balances sports and academics ingeniously.
  • Students get mentorship from world-class professors who are experts in their discipline and gain access to novel research opportunities and excellent resources for student support.
  • At these universities, you get the stellar opportunity of networking with highly influential and successful alumni.
  • Many top-notch employers prefer Ivy League graduates over other candidates owing to their reputation for stringent admission selectivity and scholastic excellence.
  • All these eight colleges have large endowments that help grant financial aid packages to underprivileged students. It implies if you have what it takes to be an Ivy League student, money won’t be an impediment!

So, while every Ivy League University is sought-after, you should research extensively on their programs, admission criterion, and most importantly their vision.

You may also consider taking guidance from study abroad consultants in India. A right mentor can help with end-to-end admissions consulting process and test preparation.

Crucial aspects of Ivy League applications

The crucial attributes for your Ivy League applications are briefly discussed below.

  • Academic performance

Ivy League schools expect you to be a high-performing student who has scored a good GPA of at least 4.0 in high school. It implies you primarily receive As with a minimal room for A- or B+ in high school.

  • SAT and ACT Test Scores

SAT and ACT scores aren’t as crucial as you may think, as many universities are going test-optional viz. you may choose not to submit these test scores. Nonetheless, shooting for a test score between 1400-1600 is recommended to let your application dazzle brightly. You can enrol for a good SAT online coaching for a quick guidance.

  • Personal essays

As the name suggests, these essays need to be personal and convey the essence of your best self. The application essay should be such that it communicates your authenticity and your finest attributes entailing your passions, motivations, leadership qualities, and so on.

  • Extracurriculars

Ivies don’t expect you to dabble in a myriad of activities. Instead, they expect you to have delved deep into some specific extracurricular activities that reveal your passion and show how they helped you smarten your skills, knowledge, and personality.

  • Recommendation Letters

You must have strong relationships with influential people in your life like teachers, mentors, staff, etc. Seeking their professional and personal opinion in the form of recommendation letters can help you build a standout application that improves your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Key tips for a standout application

Making it to one of the Ivy League universities calls for a standout application that is far superior to your peers.

Remember that all your competitors are excellent students and phenomenal scorers. So, here’s how you can get on a higher pedestal.

  • Use the key attributes like your grades, test scores, letters of recommendation, and other feats to the best of your advantage.
  • Opt for challenging courses that assent to your prospective goals. A little lower grade in a tricky subject can make your shine brighter than your highest grade in a convenient subject.
  • Play up your strengths throughout the application and do your best to divulge your holistic approach and personality to the admission committee.
  • Challenge yourself and aim for leadership roles, be it in academics or extracurricular activities. Ivies love driven and passionate individuals who aim to create a positive impact on the world around them.

All the aforementioned details affirm that the Ivy League schools call for dedication, passion, and perseverance. If you dream to make it to the Ivies, you mustn’t leave any stone unturned. You can resort to one of the best study abroad consultants to develop an outstanding profile, prepare for tests, and gain end-to-end guidance for making it to your dream university. Godspeed!

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