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Top 5 Online Piano Classes

Top 5 Online Piano Classes

Learning piano online can be a great way to learn a musical instrument, learn more about music and have fun at the same time. Learning to play piano from top-quality courses is an excellent way to improve your skills, increase confidence and make playing the piano enjoyable for everyone involved.

If you are thinking about how to learn piano online, the following article will outline some of the benefits and reasons why you should take up an online course or courses. There are plenty of places that teach music online these days, but which one is best for you? We’ve looked through all the options and come up with our top 5 picks for online piano classes!

Why Learn Piano Online?

In today’s tech-savvy era, everything has taken the route of online mode. If you are looking for an easy and fun way to learn the piano, then online lessons are a perfect choice.

Online lessons come in many different forms and levels of difficulty. The first thing that you need to do is choose the right one for you.

Piano lessons are available online through many online courses and private teachers. These courses include audio lessons, videos, and other resources that teach you how to play songs on the piano. You can even find courses that only offer audio lessons so that you can listen while working on other activities at home or work.

The advantage of learning online is that it’s convenient and doesn’t require any travel time or expensive equipment like a piano does. You don’t have to worry about having your instrument tuned every week or month when taking lessons from a local teacher. Plus there’s no more waiting in line at the music store on Saturday mornings!

Benefits Of Learning Piano Online

Online piano classes are becoming more and more popular each year. For many people, it is the best way to learn how to play the piano.

Especially, talking about kids, online piano classes are preferable to help them coordinate with their academics.

Online piano lessons are beneficial in many ways:


  • Save time: You can easily spend hours a day practicing your music, but with an online course you can do it whenever you want. This would allow you to spend more time with family and friends, or even work on other things besides your musical interests.
  • Improve your skills: You will learn new techniques and techniques for playing famous pieces of music. You will also learn how to read music and improve your sight-reading skills.
  • Increase motivation: A good teacher can motivate students so that they do not give up easily when practicing their instrument. When you have an online teacher who constantly keeps motivating you, then you will be able to keep practicing even when it seems like there is no point in doing so!
  • Encourages Exercise: Learning how to play songs is an enjoyable experience, and not just because you’re playing music — it’s also a great exercise for your fingers and mind!

Top 5 Online Piano Classes

1 -Wizaru – Online Piano Classes

Be it learning the piano keys or mentorship for a music career, Wizaru has got you covered! It comprises a talented list of musicians to help you unleash the rockstar in you.

Wizaru conducts classes for beginners as well as advanced learners. The website gives you complete flexibility in choosing the right tutor for you, picking up your learning days as well as time slots. With wizaru, learning is all about comfort and convenience.

Talking about the fee structure for the classes, it starts as low as 125/ class and goes up to 700/class. Surprising, isn’t it? Affordability is another aspect that makes Wizaru classes worth experiencing. Wizaru provides classes for kids from 3 to 18 years old.

Got questions? Do not fret, you can always catch up for a demo class to find out how the classes are conducted. Overall, wizaru classes are a complete package. Packed with experienced tutors, quality lessons, affordable classes, and flexibility.


2- Superprof

Superprof provides you with the assistance of brilliant tutors with years of experience in the music industry. The classes have received exemplary reviews from the learners and are flexible.

You get to choose your teacher from a list of 1000+ teachers. The price range for piano classes online starts at around 700/hr and the average price is 2,084/hr.

And guess what? You get your first class free to experience the class environment and learning style.

3- Take Lessons Live

Take Lessons Live has a lot in store for passionate learners like you. New live classes are introduced every day to help you master your art.

Live classes are conducted with a beginner-friendly approach for new learners. You can choose classes according to the time that suits you well. The classes are interactive and fun to subside the screen boredom.

The website also helps you in tracking your progress as you learn and grow. The classes are for every age group and come with the perks of 8 free live classes a month. Premium membership would cost you $19.95 a month with extra benefits.

4- Music Master

Music Master comes in with an amazing 1-to-1 session on piano online. You will find courses for beginners to advanced levels taught by experienced teachers.

You can book a trial class as your first step, and discuss your goals and aspirations with your mentor in the next step. And if you feel everything’s good for you, you can start your online piano classes.

Music Master has different class packages designed for your convenience. The basic package is priced at 3,600 for 4 online classes, followed by 5,600 for 8 classes, 9,600 for 12 classes, and more.

5- Shankar Mahadevan Academy

It would be a blessing to learn from an academy under a veteran singer. Shankar Mahadevan Academy provides online piano classes for both kids and adults. The academy includes different foundation courses and online courses from Trinity College of London.

The courses are priced at 9999 and include objectives like teaching notes, tempo, beats, dynamics, and articulations. The course duration is 12 weeks.

Now it’s time to take your pick! Choose the one that suits your preferences the best, visit their website, go for a demo class, and there you’ve got your piano classes booked!

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