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Top 5 Online Schools in India

Top 5 Online Schools in India

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, all of us were forced to explore the barely used “online schooling mode”. The lack of proper digital infrastructure in India made it a ride full of challenges for students and teachers. Furthermore, increased screen time and lesser peer interactions raised apprehensions about online learning.

Eventually, we have all realized the benefits of online schooling in terms of comfort, accessibility, flexibility, and safety it offers.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education laid a new NEP (National Education Policy) of India to bring equality, inclusivity, and continuity in education at school and higher education levels. The NEP 2020 emphasizes an overhaul in the curriculum and pedagogy of schools. The policy also promotes online education in India, with MHRD working on ensuring the digital infrastructure in the entire country.

In line with the NEP 2020, schools offering 100% online education in India stress imparting holistic, engaging, integrated, and enjoyable learning to children. Further, online or virtual schools have strengthened their teaching practices to blend with experiential and activity-based learning methods.

Homeschooling and Online schooling

Homeschooling in India, a rather unconventional mode of education, has become the new normal, with parents abandoning rote learning and focusing on application-based learning. The main difference between home school and online school is that the former is parent-led education, and the latter is teacher-led and student-interest based.

Over the last two years, many parents have preferred to shift from homeschooling their children to getting admissions to Online schools. Anika Mishra, a parent of a grade 6 girl, has been homeschooling her daughter for 3 years. After coming across Spruha, a 100% online school, and knowing about its teaching methods and curriculum, she took the chance of enrolling with the school. She says, “I am extremely satisfied with the creativity and efforts of the teachers at Spruha School. Initially, I wasn’t sure about the decision and only considered an online school to get some professional help in teaching my daughter. But, it has been a great decision so far.”

Who may prefer Online schools

While admissions are open in online schools for children from all spheres of life, some may prefer it more-

– Children making a career in sports, arts, etc., and looking for flexible learning options

– Homeschooled by parents

– Specially abled children

– Children with parents in a transferable job

– Who do not have schools in proximity

– Looking for quality education over the traditional learning methods

Online schools offer immense flexibility in terms of time and choice of subjects. Moreover, these schools offer more personalized teaching and thus have been gaining popularity.

Top 5 Online Schools in India

Spruha, the virtual school


Admissions: From Grade 1st to Grade 10th

Board: Affiliated by the NIOS board (National Institute of Open schooling)

Salient Features: 

– Offer a choice of subjects

– Flexible batch timings

– Emphasise extra-curricular activities

– Affordable fee structure

K8 School


Admissions: From Nursery to Grade 8

Curriculum: American Curriculum, Accredited by Cognia

Salient Features: 

– International Curriculum

– 15 students per classroom

– 2-4 hours daily classes

Cyboard School


Admissions: From Nursery to Grade 6

Curriculum: Accredited by the International Association of Accredited Organizations (IAO)

Salient Features: 

– Hybrid schooling

– CBSE Mapped Curriculum

– 2(Live) teachers per class

21K School


Admissions: From Nursery to Grade 12

Curriculum: Indian, American, and British

Salient Features: 

– Three curriculums to choose from

– Skill-based programs

– Events conducted regularly

The class of one


Admissions: From Nursery to Grade 8

Board: Oxford Advantage curriculum, Mapped with NCERT guidelines

Salient Features: 

– Student-teacher ratio- 1:30

– Co-curricular activities

– Full-fledged online school

Online schooling is the future of education

Indeed, it is! Online education is a new life order and is here to stay.

Online schools have opened up a plethora of opportunities for the young generation in terms of flexibility, accessibility, and quality of education.

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